What to Do When it's Head Lice Treatment Time

“So, your child has head lice.”

That means it is now lice treatment time, a most unpleasant experience for nearly any parent. Treating lice can be very difficult and time consuming, whether you go with a traditional medicated shampoo or opt for natural treatments. You’re still going to have to take the time to make sure that every single lice and its eggs are removed from your child’s hair before you can be totally sure he is cured. It may take a few weeks to accomplish this, but it must be done. Here is what to do when it comes time to get rid of lice:

1.  Buy a metal toothed lice comb.

This tool will be invaluable to you no matter what method you choose for lice treatment time. You will always need a way to go through your child’s hair and remove lice, both with conventional and natural treatments. The metal toothed comb will help you do it more easily by finely separating the hairs on your child’s head so you can see down to the root of the hair shaft, which is where lice eggs are most likely to hide.

2.  Expect the process to take a week or two to complete. Getting rid of lice takes time.

Lice treatment time will involve multiple shampoos and multiple sessions with the metal toothed comb. You’ve got to wait nearly two whole weeks to make sure that all of the eggs are gone and that no more will be hatching to re-infest your child. So, keep looking through your child’s hair every few days until you are sure every trace of those lice are gone. You’ll be glad you took the time to do it, so you won’t have to repeat the lice eradication procedure again and again.

3.  Be sure to make certain the rest of the house is lice-free.

Lice don’t jump from place to place, but they can crawl, so anything that may have come into contact with your child’s hair is potentially contaminated with lice. This means that clothing, bedding, carpeting, and furniture…even pets!…must all be cleaned and examined for lice. Lice treatment time always involves a thorough cleaning of the entire house. Usually, a trip through the dryer is enough for clothing and bedding, while vacuuming and tea tree oil spray is good for carpeting and pets.

Lice treatment time usually comes around at least once per child for parents, because schools are virtual nesting grounds for these creatures.

If one child in the class has lice, the other children are sure to follow. This usually happens in elementary school, when children are in close contact with one another and playing outside a lot. So, expect it when your child is young and you’ll be prepared to treat it when it does appear. There are certainly worse things than lice, but you want to make sure your child is lice free.

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