What is the Olive Oil Head Lice Treatment

“Have you heard of the olive oil lice treatment?”

If not, you may want to read on so you can use it if your child comes down with head lice. Head lice is a common problem among elementary school students, and the chances of your child developing it at this age is quite high. The lice are very contagious, as they easily crawl from one head to another, and since children typically play in very close quarters, it is easy for the lice to spread. Be prepared with olive oil, and you can say good by to lice almost as soon as they arrive.

The olive oil lice treatment is almost exactly what it says it is. It is treating your child’s hair with olive oil to remove lice.

The olive oil makes your child’s hair nice and slick, which then makes it difficult for lice and their eggs to cling to the hair, so removal is a lot easier. You probably already have most, if not all, of the ingredients you need to do this treatment at your house already, so you’ll be prepared if your child comes home with lice.

First of all, you’ll want to completely saturate your child’s hair with olive oil as the first part of the olive oil lice treatment.

You may need more than one bottle of olive oil to do this, depending on how long and thick your child’s hair is. Once it is saturated, bundle the hair all up on top of your child’s head and place a plastic shower cap over it all. Keep dry wash cloths handy for any oil that drips past the border of the shower cap. Since your child will be sleeping in the olive oil, put down towels for her to sleep on as well, to protect the bedding.

The next day, remove the cap and wash your child’s hair with dishwashing detergent

This removes the grease of the olive oil lice treatment. A grease fighting detergent like Palmolive or some other well known brand is fine. Then, rinse with warm water and make sure all of the olive oil is out of the hair. Once the hair is squeaky clean, you can start the next phase of the treatment, which is combing.

The combing part of the olive oil lice treatment takes some time, but is necessary.

You’ll need to go through 1/2 inch sections of your child’s hair with a metal toothed comb, working your way from the roots to the tips, and pull out every single lice and egg you see. Put the lice and eggs in a plastic bag and throw it away outside the house when you’re done. Then, dry your child’s hair as usual. You’ll need to repeat this procedure every three days for the next two weeks to makes sure all of the lice and eggs are gone. Then, you will have successfully de-loused your child with no chemicals!

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