What is the Mayonnaise Head Lice Treatment

The mayonnaise lice treatment is one of the most popular home remedies for head lice.

If you thought that the only remedy for lice was a toxic shampoo based on pesticides, then you are mistaken. Your pediatrician may tell you that the infamous head lice shampoo is your only option, but he is wrong. There is a long history of successful home treatment of lice with non-toxic materials such as mayonnaise, olive oil, and tea tree oil. If you are concerned about your child’s health and want to keep toxic chemicals far away from him or her, then give the mayonnaise treatment a try.

The best thing about the mayonnaise lice treatment, besides its non-toxic nature, is that it is extremely cheap and easy to use.

You can get every single ingredient you need for it from the grocery store for less than $10 in most cases, especially if you shop at Wal-Mart. What you’ll need is a couple of jars of real mayonnaise (Miracle Whip will not work), enough to thoroughly saturate your child’s hair. Then, get some de-greasing dishwashing detergent, some white vinegar, a plastic shower cap, and a metal toothed comb. That’s all you need to make this interesting treatment at home.

First, slather the mayonnaise all over your child’s head, to saturate the hair down to the roots.

Add a few tablespoons of white vinegar while you’re lathering up the mayonnaise. Then, leave this mixture on your child’s head overnight, with the hair tucked up under a plastic shower cap to prevent a mess. The next day, completely wash out the mayonnaise lice treatment using the de-greasing dishwashing detergent to make sure your child’s hair doesn’t look greasy or dirty from the mayonnaise.

Then, comb through the hair in 1/2 inch sections using the metal toothed comb

(it must be metal, as this parts the hair down to the roots much better than plastic), and look for any lice or eggs that are still hanging on. When you see them, remove them manually and toss them into a plastic bag that you can then throw away outside of the house when you are done. This will prevent the lice from escaping into your house and causing a re-infestation.

You will repeat this procedure every two to three nights for two weeks.

This will give the lice eggs that may remain in your child’s hair time to hatch, so you can remove the new lice before they can lay new eggs. This mayonnaise lice treatment is highly effective and works wonders without the use of chemicals at all. If you don’t want to put toxic lice shampoo on your child’s head, then this is one treatment that you can use with complete confidence, as it has a strong history of success and is totally safe.

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