What is the Best Home Remedy Head Lice Treatment

What is the best home remedy lice treatment? This is a question that many parents will be asking themselves eventually, because head lice is a very common condition among the elementary school set. If your child gets all the way into middle school without getting a case of head lice, consider yourself very lucky, because head lice is almost as much of a rite of passage for most kids as chicken pox or ringworm. Once you find out your child has lice, you can just about assume most of their class does, too, as it is very contagious.

You will need to start a lice treatment right away to prevent infestation of your whole house.

Many parents, however, are concerned about the typical lice treatments, because they involve the use of toxic chemicals. With today’s focus on natural, organic solutions to most problems, it is not surprising that increasing numbers of parents are reluctant to put those traditional chemical based shampoos on their children’s heads. These are the parents who will look for a home remedy lice treatment and use it.

Fortunately, there are several good lice remedies of this nature to choose.”

For example, tea tree oil is toxic to head lice and makes an excellent home remedy lice treatment. You simply dilute a few tablespoons of tea tree oil with about a quart of water, and spray it all over your child’s head, then comb it through down to the roots and leave it on overnight.

The tea tree oil will keep the lice and their eggs from being able to breathe properly and will suffocate them. Do this every night for a couple of weeks, and the lice and their eggs will be gone. Best of all, your child’s head will smell very nice.

You can also use olive oil and mayonnaise as home remedy lice treatment options.

These two substances are also toxic to lice and their eggs, and when used as masks for the hair (much as clay is used as a mask to clean the face), you will find that the lice will soon be gone. Just remember that after applying olive oil or mayonnaise to your child’s hair, you will need to leave it in overnight, and then wash it out the next day using a de-greasing dishwashing detergent to get all of the oil and grease out of the hair so it doesn’t look dirty.

One essential element to any home remedy lice treatment, and even conventional treatments, is combing.

After every treatment session, you must go through your child’s hair with a metal toothed comb and remove lice and eggs manually, as not all of them will be washed out with the masks and water. You need to do this combing routine for at least two weeks to make sure you’ve got all of the lice and eggs out of the hair and then you can be certain they won’t come back.

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