What is the Best Head Lice Treatment

Head lice treatment comes in a variety of forms, depending on the severity of your child’s case and your own personal preferences. Treating lice can be done in conventional ways involving pesticides, or it can be done naturally. There are many different natural treatments for lice, and if you’re concerned about chemicals, you may want to explore some of these options.

After all, no one is really excited about the prospect of putting chemicals on their child’s head. So, if you are interested in natural lice treatments, here are some you can try out at home that are totally non-toxic.

*Metal tooth combing–This head lice treatment is about as simple as it gets.

You just get a metal toothed comb and manually go through your child’s hair with it, picking out lice as you go. Well, you’ve got to pick out both lice AND eggs for this to be successful, and you’ve got to do it almost daily for several weeks. Just make sure to go through every inch of your child’s hair and scalp each time, and put lice and eggs into a zip locked plastic bag after each combing and then get the bag out of the house.

*Mayonnaise–You can actually use mayonnaise as a head lice treatment.

It is acidic enough to create an unfavorable  environment for lice and their eggs, and oily enough that it makes combing through your child’s hair to get rid of them fairly easy. It is a bit messy, though, as you will need to leave the mayonnaise on your child’s head overnight, and then comb out the lice in the morning, and you’ll need to do this over the course of a couple of weeks, so be sure to invest in a plastic shower cap to keep mayonnaise off the pillows.

*Olive oil–Olive oil is also a good head lice treatment and is applied in much the same way that mayonnaise is.

Your child will have to sleep in hair saturated with olive oil each night for a few weeks, and unlike mayonnaise, olive oil may drip down past the borders of a plastic shower cap, so be sure to put down towels for your child to sleep on to protect the bedding, and also keep some dry wash cloths nearby for your child to wipe his or her face with if the oil drips down on it.

*Tea tree oil–Tea tree oil is a great head lice treatment in that lice and their eggs simply can’t breathe properly when this oil is applied.

You’ll find that saturation of not only hair, but of other household objects like furniture, carpeting, and pets with this oil, and then a good rinsing, will often get rid of lice quite effectively. You can find tea tree oil at most health food stores, and though it is a bit expensive, it does work and is totally natural and safe.

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