Try a Natural Head Lice Treatment

You don’t have to put up with a nasty chemical remedy for head lice.

You can try a natural lice treatment instead. There are plenty of options in this area and they all are known to work exceptionally well for getting rid of itchy, annoying head lice. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about getting contaminated with toxic chemicals when you lather up with a pesticide shampoo. Plenty of people want to stay away from chemicals and find that natural options work well and help keep them feeling strong and healthy. This is especially true of children, who are most susceptible to lice.

Here are the 5 top natural lice treatments:

1.  Comb them out.

You can manually comb out the lice one by one. This, of course, is tedious in nature and does take some time to complete, but it involves no chemicals, no washing, and is effective if done thoroughly. You simply comb through your child’s hair and pluck out any and all lice and eggs that you find. Do this every day for several weeks to make sure you’ve gotten all of the eggs and that no more are going to hatch, and you’ll have a lice-free child again.

2.  Shave your child’s head

This is a drastic natural lice treatment, but it works. You simply shave off all of the hair and there is no place for the lice to hold onto or hide. Of course, you only want to do this with a child who is comfortable having his or her head shaved. Not every child will agree to this, and it can be a terribly traumatic thing to have forced upon a kid, so only do it if the child agrees. Even then, still carefully examine the scalp to make sure no lice eggs remain.

3.  Mayonnaise–

Mayonnaise is acidic and is one of the more common natural lice treatments. It can kill lice and eggs when left on the hair for several hours or overnight. Just make sure to wash the child’s hair the next day with grease-busting dishwashing detergent to get all of the mayonnaise grease out, then comb out the lice as normal. Do this every two to three days for a week or two, and you’ll soon see that the lice and all of their eggs have vanished.

4.  Olive Oil–

Among natural lice treatments, this one is similar to the mayonnaise treatment and works the same way. It is a bit messier, though, so be sure to keep towels nearby while the oil soaks into the hair, in case of drips. It is important to keep the oil off of clothing and sheets, because the stains are hard to get out.

5.  Tea Tree Oil–

This natural oil smothers lice and their eggs and is good for getting lice out of hair, as well as carpets, furniture, and pets. Try one of these natural lice treatments the next time your child comes home with head lice.

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