My Perfect Treatment For Head Lice

Looking for a treatment for lice, right?

Head lice can happen to your children when you least expect it. But it’s possible to get rid of them, read on to find out more.

Head lice was not something I had really thought much about. I had this idea that lice were something that happened to other people’s kids, not mine!

My kids were bathed and showered regularly.

Their clothes were clean. I combed their hair every morning. Head lice, was definitely not on my radar as something to be worried about. It happened to other people’s children.

So imagine my reaction when I got a phone call from the school nurse telling me my daughter was infested with lice.

“I was horrified and frankly, a little bit panicked.”

I had never dealt with this before and I was very unsure about how to handle it. The nurse had told me I needed to come and pick up my daughter, so I started there.

When I picked up my daughter, the school nurse showed me the lice on her head and something she called “nits”, which were the eggs. I have to tell you, I was pretty freaked out when I saw them on her head.

“How had this happened? Where had these things come from?”

The school nurse sensed my discomfort and she tried to reassure me by telling me that my daughter was not the only one with lice. There were three other children in her class that she had looked at that morning, with head lice.

She also told me that she probably got the lice from one of the other children in the class. She gave me instructions on what to do to get rid of the lice which included getting an over-the-counter lice treatment shampoo to kill them. The last thing she told me was that my daughter was not allowed back in school until she was nit free.

I can’t begin to tell you how I felt as I took my child with me and left the school. I was so embarrassed.

I don’t think my daughter really understood what was going on, thankfully, but she did understand that she and a couple of her classmates were being sent home and couldn’t return. She was dejected as we walked out into the parking lot.
I stopped at the drugstore on our way home, looking to get the special shampoo the nurse had recommended. I held my daughter’s hand to keep her with me in the store while I read the directions for the shampoo. As I read the directions and the ingredients on the box, I began to get more and more horrified.

I thought “This shampoo contains pesticides!”

I was not about to put pesticide on my daughter’s head, no matter what the nurse said.  I read all the cautions on the box as well and decided that if the shampoo was this dangerous, I wasn’t going to even try it. I was sure there had to be a safer solution than this and I left the drugstore empty handed in order to find a different, safer way to rid my daughter of head lice.

Luckily, I succeeded in discovering something that could get rid of head lice, and permanently.

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