The Tea Tree Oil Head Lice Treatment

Does the tea tree oil lice treatment really work?

In fact, it does, and it works very well. Tea tree oil comes from a special tree that is native to Australia and is used all over the world as a very effective natural anti-septic. It is also useful as an anti-fungal and as an insecticide.

Plus, it is non-toxic to humans when used externally, which makes it the perfect natural remedy for the plague of head lice that most children experience at least once in their childhoods. If you don’t want to use the traditional chemical based shampoos, then this is a good option for you.

Tea tree oil for the tea tree oil lice treatment can be found at nearly any health food store

and is also available at many regular grocery stores due to its increasing popularity. When you use it on your child, all you have to do is mix two tablespoons of it with one quart of water in a plastic spray bottle and then spray it all over your child’s head, being sure to thoroughly saturate the hair down to the roots, and comb it through to make sure it gets everywhere, even the scalp.

Then, leave it on overnight, while covering the hair with a plastic shower cap, then wash it out the next day with a de-greasing dishwashing detergent.

Comb the hair afterward to manually pick out any visible lice and eggs, being sure to dispose of them outside as soon as you’re done. Do this every two to three days for two weeks or so, and you’ll find that your child is mercifully lice free.

The beauty of the tea tree oil lice treatment is that it can also be used on other things in the house that may get infested with lice.

For example, you can spray it on pets, so that they don’t get a lice infestation. You can also spray it on furniture and carpeting to help kill off lice. Lice and their eggs can’t breathe when doused in tea tree oil, so it is an excellent way of getting rid of them without putting toxins in your home or on your child.

“For clothing and bedding that may have been infested with lice, you can just run those things through the dryer”

as the heat from the dryer will usually be enough to kill the lice. However, you may try spritzing clothing and bedding with the tea tree oil lice treatment just before putting them in the dryer, just to make extra sure the lice are gone. Parents today are looking for safe, “non-toxic” alternatives to medications like lice shampoo, and using tea tree oil is an excellent choice that works well and is safe for everyone in the house.

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