Rid Lice Shampoo to Kill Head Lice Dead

Using a safe, effective treatment for lice is the first step in getting rid of lice for good. RID shampoo might be a popular over-the-counter remedy for head lice, but it’s not the safest or the most effective method.

RID shampoo is often the first remedy people try when faced with battling head lice. Prominently displayed on the drugstore shelves, RID Shampoo seems like the best option for people facing lice for the first time. But is there a better way?

RID is a medicine that contains a pest-killing ingredient. This pesticide, if used according to the directions, can sometimes be an effective method of killing lice. There are two issues to consider when deciding whether or not to use RID.

RID shampoo, because it is a potent pesticide, needs to be applied meticulously. Following the specific directions on the package is very important in obtaining the best possible results. The application of shampoo needs to happen on dry hair and in a certain way. This is often difficult to do with young children who are not adept at sitting still.

After sitting for ten minutes, the shampoo needs to be rinsed out. At this point, the hair must be combed with a special nit comb, included with the kit. This nit comb will pull out lice, eggs, and nits from the hair. Combing the hair is a tedious process, but it is effective. Often, it can be the key to beating the lice infestation.

The other thing to consider when choosing RID Shampoo as a treatment is being aware that in order to achieve the maximum results, you’ll need to reapply the shampoo in seven to ten days. This is a second application of pesticide within two weeks, often on a small, young child. As with any medication, side effects are possible. RID should not be used on children younger than age two. With other treatment options available, especially methods proven to be reliable without the harsh pesticides, RID might not seem like the best option.

Many people who have used RID with the hope that it will beat their lice infestation have been disappointed to discover that the lice were not killed by the medication. Over time, lice develop resistance to these medications and they become less effective.

There are proven, effective methods available for getting rid of lice. Using ingredients found in your local grocery and drug stores, you can create a safe, reliable lice treatment for your family. Once you discover this treatment, you’ll never consider an over-the-counter medicine again.

Once a lice infestation takes hold in your home, it seems like only the efforts of a superhero can defeat it! The key to triumphing over lice quickly and effectively is to use a safe remedy that works the first time to kill the lice and the nits. Then tackle your home and be sure to kill every last one of the lice.

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