Perfect Olive Oil Head Lice Treatment

Does Olive Oil lice treatment really work? Hmmm…

Getting rid of lice can be a frustrating process. But if you know how to do it, you can get rid of lice once and for all.

Trying to get rid of head lice is a frustrating, time-consuming process. Hair must be shampooed with pesticides, clothes and bedding must be washed. All traces of lice must be destroyed. Unfortunately, a great deal of the time, this process ends in failure.

Well, this is where Olive Oil lice treatment is supposed to come in.

The idea is to “suffocate” the little lice…and they should then die off. The unfortunate part is, it won’t hurt or kill the lice eggs at all. So the eggs will still hatch, and guess what? You are right back where you started once again, with a head full of living, crawling, lice! “GROSS!”

Having a child contract head lice can be demoralizing. You tend to think of yourself as a good parent who worries over your child and enforces good hygienic standards. You make sure you child bathes or showers every day and brush their teeth. You make sure their hair is combed and their clothes are clean. How could your good, clean child get lice? Feeling like a bad parent, you need to begin the de-lousing process.

So instead of olive oil, most people just use the over the counter lice treatments, like nix or rid…but they have issues too…they are full of chemicals.

The first time your child gets lice, you probably are at a loss about where to start when trying to get rid of them. Most often, people turn to over the counter medications to get rid of lice. These over the counter medications often fail to achieve the desired results for a couple of reasons. The first is that they are not applied correctly.

There are specific application instructions that need to be followed and if they are not, the medicine might not kill all the lice.

The second reason the over the counter medicines might not work…

to kill the lice is that lice are developing a resistance to those medicines and can withstand the application of the medicine and survive.

You might hear of alternative methods to remove head lice that you might be reluctant to try. Shaving your child’s head is an extreme treatment for lice. This can be aesthetically unappealing and when hair re-growth begins, re-infestation can occur. Hair dye or bleach is another remedy that people have said is effective in killing head lice. This has never been a proven method and can be dangerous if the bleach is applied incorrectly.

High heat has been recommended as a solution to lice.

You will hear people say that intense heat from a blow dryer will kill lice. Another heat solution is to use a curling iron to burn the nits. Both of these treatments are potentially harmful and burns could result. While heat may be effective in killing some of the lice, there is no guarantee that heat will kill all the lice and the nits.

Another so-called alternative treatment for head lice is to apply solutions to the hair and head that will “smother” the lice and suffocate them.

Applications of olive oil or motor oil have been suggested.

It is felt that these oily solutions will enable the nits to be slid off the hair shafts more easily. It is sometimes suggested, in conjunction with these oily applications, that the head be wrapped in plastic wrap and that the child sleep that way over night, suffocating the lice in the process. None of these methods have been proven to be successful in getting rid of head lice.

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