Why Trust a Natural Head Lice Treatment

Let me guess, you need a natural lice treatment, right?

Lice treatment, in order to be effective, needs a three-step approach. First, you need to treat the child with the lice infestation. Secondly, you need to treat the entire family. Third, you need to treat the household.

Step 1) Treat The Child

If your child is suffering from lice, you’ll probably start off by treating these head lice, with over the counter shampoos. These are most often not effective, as soon you will soon realize. Lice have developed a resistance to these medications. These shampoos contain pesticides, so be very careful to apply the shampoo in the recommended manner.
Take care to look at the age limitations for these medicines. They should not be used on children younger than two years old.

Do not use shampoo or conditioner on the hair after the lice treatment.

Apply the shampoo in the recommended manner and in the recommended time period stated on the package. Check the hair.

If you still see lice moving as vigorously as they had been before the medicine was applied, the medicine did not work.

At this point, you could visit your doctor to get a prescription medication to kill the lice. If this prescription medication does not work, as it sometimes does not, there are other remedies available in your grocery store that are more reliable, when used correctly, than over the counter medicines or prescriptions.

If you know these reliable, effective alternative methods for treating head lice, you can skip the trial and error many people go through trying to treat their child’s head lice. For a sure shot and successful lice treatment, click on this link now.

Once you have gotten rid of the lice, you might need to retreat the child after seven days to be sure than any nits that might have hatched are killed as well. Checking the hair every two days or so is a good idea to keep an eye on things. You should continue checking for about three weeks.

Step 2) Treat the Family

Check each family member carefully for lice. Remember, lice are “human parasites” so they cannot live on pets. It is not necessary to treat your pets. If any family members are found with lice, treat them in the same manner that you treated the infested child. It’s important to remember that the over-the-counter lice medicines are not to be used for people with health limitations such as allergies or pregnancy. Lice are easily spread through human contact. It is very important that each family member is examined and treated.

Step 3) Treat the Household

Treating the household is equally as important as treating each family member when you’re combating lice. Take all clothing and bedding that have been affected and wash them in very hot water, at least 130 degrees. All pillows and blankets that can’t be washed should be either dry cleaned or put in plastic bags and sealed tightly.

These bags should remain sealed for two weeks, giving any live lice enough time to die.  Vacuum rugs, and carpets thoroughly and often. It’s also a good idea to vacuum couches and chairs.

Combating lice often feels like a never-ending battle.

You will get discouraged and you will get frustrated because it only takes one louse to re-infect your home. Searching for an effective lice treatment is a key to successful lice treatment.

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