Best Mayonnaise Head Lice Treatment


The Amazing Mayonnaise Lice Treatment

If your child has head lice, the natural thing to want to do in these modern times when concern about chemicals is so high is to turn to a natural treatment. There are several remedies right from Mother Nature that work very well for this necessity.

You don’t have to resort to lathering up your child’s head with harsh, pesticide-laden shampoos that cause rashes in the sensitive and that you have to apply using rubber gloves. You can get rid of lice safely and effectively with natural methods. One of the best natural methods is the incredible mayonnaise lice treatment.

Mayonnaise is a great natural treatment for hair lice

especially for lice that are difficult to remove or for an overabundance of lice eggs. The mayonnaise makes it easier to get rid of them. This method doesn’t really “kill” the lice, but it makes it simple work for you to get rid of them manually. It will take a bit of work and some time to get rid of all of the lice, even with home remedies, but the same is true of the more dangerous chemical remedies, so why not go with nature?

The mayonnaise treatment is simple and highly effective for people who want to do natural head lice removal. First, you take 2 jars of real mayonnaise (Miracle Whip won’t work), and make sure they are large jars of about 32 ounces each. If your child has very short hair, you may only need one jar.

“Next…gather your supplies! Go on, I’ll wait here”

gather a roll of plastic wrap, a bottle of white vinegar, a bottle of dandruff shampoo, a bottle of dishwashing liquid soap, a roll of paper towels, a metal comb, and a plastic spray bottle.

You’ll want to completely saturate your child’s hair with mayonnaise. Once you’ve achieved that, then wrap their hair in plastic wrap (or put it up under a plastic shower cap) and let them sleep on it for a night. If you do it during the day, then leave it on for 8 hours at a minimum. Once done, rinse the mayonnaise out with warm water and apply a de-greasing dishwashing liquid to it to get rid of any oil from the mayonnaise. You don’t want your child to have greasy hair.

Keeping the hair wet, wash out the dishwashing soap and lather up with the dandruff shampoo.

Rinse after a good scrub with it. Dry off the hair with a towel and pour white vinegar into the spray bottle. Then, spray the vinegar all over the hair until it’s completely soaked in it.

It is at this point in your mayonnaise lice treatment that you can begin to use the metal comb to comb out the lice. Start at the roots and work your way all the way down the hair, plucking out any lice or eggs that you find and depositing them into a sealable plastic bag. Comb through every inch of the hair, making sure you haven’t missed a single bit of it. Then, repeat this process every 3 to 5 days for the next 2 to 4 weeks to be sure all the lice and eggs have gone.

You want to be especially certain to get rid of the eggs, as you don’t want any left on your child’s scalp or hair that could hatch and form a new infestation.

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