Top and Best Head Lice Treatments

Many lice treatments are available when you’re trying to kill lice. But only one of them is completely effective.

Let me tell you how to do it using products you find in your grocery and drug stores!

Killing the lice the goal of every parent who finds herself in the position of having a child with an infestation of head lice. But how do you go about killing the lice?” That’s the difficult part because most things you’ll try won’t work.

Trying to rid your child of head lice can be a uniquely frustrating experience. Head lice are parasites that are very difficult to get rid of. There are two steps to ridding a child of head lice – killing the lice and getting rid of all the nits, or the louse eggs.

Most people find that trying to kill lice is an exasperating process.

It involves much trial and error and often not much success! There are many moving parts to the process and the process needs to be thorough. One nit can send you back to square one.

Many people start out with over-the-counter shampoos created to get rid of head lice. These shampoos contain pesticides, or pediculicides, that are designed to kill the lice. When these harsh shampoos are applied to the scalp of a child, the treatment is often a failure.
Lice can become resistant to the pesticides in these medications. Sometimes the medicines are applied incorrectly and the treatments are ineffective. Parents who are treating head lice for the first time find this to be extremely frustrating and perplexing. Why, after buying a recommended solution, does my child still have lice?

The next step might be to call or visit the doctor.

The doctor might prescribe Lindane for lice removal on your child if over-the-counter treatments have been ineffective. Lindane is a prescription drug that can cause serious side effects, such as such as seizures and death. These side effects can occur when the medication is improperly applied or a second treatment is applied too soon. Lindane can cause serious side effects in people who weigh less than 110 pounds. The use of Lindane might put your child at risk for those side effects.

Why take chances with solutions that might not work?

There is a safe and effective option available when you’re trying to kill head lice. This solution can be created using ingredients found at your grocery or drug store. Finding an alternative method to the over-the-counter or prescription options available can often be the only solution you’ll find that works to kill head lice on your child or family member.

When you need to kill lice, you don’t want to waste time experimenting with pesticides that don’t work and medicines that might be harmful to your children. A safe, effective alternative option is available. Click on this link and find out how to quickly and efficiently kill lice now!

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