Head Lice Treatment That Works

While head lice is most common among elementary school aged children, anyone of any age can get it.

A child who brings lice home from school can actually infest everyone in the house, adults and pets included. Adults can also pass lice onto one another in the form of pubic hair lice also known as crabs.

However, it is head lice that is the most common form of lice, and whenever your child comes home from school with it, you will need to find a good hair lice treatment. Otherwise, you’ll be looking at weeks, maybe even months, of trying to get the lice out of your house, because they will infest carpeting, furniture, clothing, bedding, and pets, as well.

Hair lice treatment has traditionally been rather toxic in that it involves using chemicals that are basically pesticides

, and putting those chemicals on your child’s head. No parent really wants to put such dangerous materials on their child, but most of them feel like they have no other options, as they do not know what else will work. So, they dutifully fill the prescription from their pediatrician for the shampoo and reluctantly apply it to their child’s head, wondering all the time if it is the right thing to do.

In fact, there are several non-toxic hair lice treatment options that are available and perfectly safe

but most parents do not know about them. That is because pediatricians are trained to just use the prescription pesticide shampoo for lice cases, and most of them no of no other way to get rid of lice short of shaving a child’s head. There is coal tar shampoo, which some doctors will recommend as an alternative to pesticide shampoo, but it is smelly and messy and also potentially toxic. Where are the good natural remedies?

You can easily get rid of lice by applying an olive oil or mayonnaise hair lice treatment to your child’s head..however they may not kill all the lice for good.

Both of these substances are toxic to lice and their eggs and will rapidly remove them from the hair. The masks do have to be worn overnight, so a plastic shower cap is a necessity. However, used every few nights over the course of several weeks, these are very effective treatments that involve no toxins whatsoever and will also leave your child’s hair nice and shiny and healthy looking as never before.

Of course, a far simpler hair lice treatment is simply to comb out the lice.

You can do this with a metal toothed comb by working with 1/2 inch sections of your child’s hair. Just pull out the lice and eggs wherever you see them, and deposit them in sealed plastic bags. Upon completing a combing session, throw the bag away outside. Repeat the combing daily for a week or two until all lice and eggs are gone. It’s safe, it’s non-toxic, and it works just as well as any shampoo.

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