Best Head Lice Treatment To The Rescue

Can a lice treatment Come to YOUR Rescue?

Discovering your child has lice for the first time can be very embarrassing. Finding a quick, effective solution can help alleviate that embarrassment.

Hair lice was not something I ever thought was even a possibility in my child’s life. I pride myself on being an over-protective mother. I know my daughter’s friends and the families of those friends. I know my child’s teachers and I spend a great deal of time in the classroom volunteering. My daughter washes her hair every other night and she wears clean clothes to school every day.

I even pack her lunch every day and know what she eats! So when the school nurse called to tell me that my daughter had lice, I almost had a heart attack. My child? No way. She had to be kidding. My child was protected – by me! This could not be happening.

Head lice had always been something that other people had to deal with.

I never had lice as a child and I never expected that my daughter would be susceptible. My daughter goes to a private school. I know all of the children in her class! Even when she’s gone to sleep away summer camp, she’s never had a problem with lice. The summer camp checks all the girls before they let them get into their cabins. Lice at summer camps can be horrible and we’ve never had a problem.

I was too embarrassed to tell anyone – even my friends and my family.

What would they think of me! I was sick when I had to call my husband at work and tell him. He didn’t blame me, of course, but what if he had? Would he have been right? It had to be my fault my daughter had lice.

Because I didn’t know what else to do, I called my pediatrician’s office and talked to the nurse.

“It was so embarrassing to make that phone call!”

The nurse was super-nice and she immediately tried to reassure me that this wasn’t my fault in any way. Lots of kids get lice, even kids who are clean and well cared for. Lice are parasites that simply jump from one person to the next. Whether that person is clean or dirty doesn’t matter!

She then told me to “get ready because lice can be very hard to get rid of“.

You have to be very careful and very thorough in order for the lice to go away completely. I would have to shampoo my daughter’s hair with special shampoo and I’d have to comb her hair with a nit comb. I’d have to wash all her clothes in hot, hot water and wash all her bedding too.

I had to vacuum everything – even her mattress!

And I might have to do all this more than one time. She told me to check myself and my husband carefully to see if we were infected. When she said that, of course my head started itching!

I felt a little better after I talked to the nurse, but I still had that sick feeling in my stomach, like I was ashamed. I guess I know it’s not my fault that my daughter got hair lice, and I’ve got to start to the difficult process of trying to get rid of these parasites.

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