My Head Lice Treatment Help Time

It’s Lice Treatment Time….But Be careful What You Use!

Guess what? There are many crazy lice treatments are out there. Choose one that is proven to be safe and effective and uses ingredients found in your grocery and drug stores….

Finding  lice treatment can be the basis of some very interesting conversations! (Try acid bleach?! Um, no thanks!). It’s amazing to me how many people will sit down and tell you exactly how to get rid of head lice!

They’ll tell what they’ve HEARD works and all the things they’ve tried (that did not work by the way)! You’ll get as many different lice treatments as different people you talk to. Some of them sound just plain nuts (“Kerosene? No that’s ok”, I think I’ll keep that only for lighting my lantern!).

The first thing most people will tell you…

is that over-the-counter shampoo lice treatment that is supposed to kill the lice don’t work…YAY! 1 point for your friends advice on that one. Ding Ding! You are correct! They just don’t seem to kill the lice anymore. These over-the-counter lice treatments can be toxic, too.

They contain pesticides designed to kill insects and bugs.

This can be very dangerous to put on your head (and even more dangerous for children!). The doctor will usually in 5 minutes prescribe Lindane to kill the lice little Johnny has at home. This is a heavy-duty medicine supposed to do the trick in killing these little blood sucking vampires, but unfortunately, they simply no longer work!

Most people that use these “normal” over the counter or doctor prescribed lice killers no longer have any success (even though they have been around for decades). There is a simple reason too! IMMUNITY! No, not like the Survivor TV show immunity. Just like our bodies are now immune to certain diseases that used to kill us before (like the Bubonic Plague), and now we no longer get sick from those diseases anymore, lice have also become immune to lice killing shampoos and poisons (the poisons MEANT to kill the lice STILL hurt you and your children though, ironically!).

Also, when talking to different people, almost everyone will tell you how they struggled to get rid of lice too (Personally, I went though a nightmare myself trying to kill these little buggers!!). Some of the so called “lice treatments” some people will tell you are not things you’ll want to try on yourself of your family. One person told me to use the blow dryer on really high heat, hold it close to my head, and literally BURN the lice and nits off! Then, if I still had some live lice (and any hair left…), I should get a curling iron or crimping iron and hold it AS CLOSE to my scalp and burn the rest of them off!

Ummm, hello, I would like to keep some of my hair!”

It may be lice ridden hair, but it’s still my hair, dangit and I want to keep it”…but thanks for the terrible advice anyway! That wasn’t something I was willing to try. I definitely didn’t want to burn my scalp and hair off! There had to be some answer somewhere though, right?! (Crickets chirping in the quiet night)…ANYWHERE?!! ANYONE?!!

Another person told me that the only way to get rid of the lice was to shave my daughter’s head.

My daughter has beautiful, thick, dark hair and I would hate to see it gone

(and she would never let me live it down either!). It would be horrible for her to have to go to school with a shaved head (even if I bought her a wig, it still would be horrible)! And how embarrassing! I couldn’t do that to her. Another friend told me to get engine oil because something in the oil killed the nits. She told me to put the engine oil all over my head and then wrap my head with plastic wrap. I was supposed to sleep like that all night!

There are lots of crazy head lice treatments out there. Over-the-counter remedies don’t work anymore these days! The medicine prescribed by the doctor is also DEFINATELY dangerous. The remedies your friends tell you might be too crazy to even try (even in a game of “DARE”…don’t do it!).

So, then what’s the secret to finding a safe, effective lice killer? Click on the banner above to find a remedy that is guaranteed to work!

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