Best Head Lice Treatment Shampoo

When your child comes home from school with a case of head lice, most pediatricians will prescribe a head lice treatment shampoo. These shampoos generally work well and take care of the problem quickly. However, many parents are concerned about using these products on their children. This is understandable, as these shampoos are prescription only and contain pesticides.

It is not hard to see why a parent would be concerned about putting a pesticide-laced shampoo on their child’s head. After all, some of those toxic chemicals are bound to be absorbed through the skin of the scalp, and no one wants those kinds of chemicals so close to their child’s head.

So, instead of a lice treatment shampoo, what other options are there for treating head lice?

As most parents of young children know, this is a common problem in elementary school aged kids, and it can be a difficult one to treat, as lice are tenacious and they hang on very tightly to a child’s hair.

Their eggs are even harder to remove, because of the tough glue-like substance that the lice use to attach them to a child’s hair shafts.

However, for those who prefer natural alternatives to lice treatment shampoo, there are some that do work. For example, you could simply comb the lice out of your child’s hair.

This is a long and somewhat tedious option, but it uses no chemicals whatsoever, and it gets the job done in time.

All you have to do is carefully comb through your child’s hair every day and pluck out any lice or eggs you see. Work with sections of hair about 1/2 inch wide and go through the whole head of hair. This should be a daily practice for at least two weeks, and eventually, if you have done a thorough job, all of the lice will be gone, with no chemicals!

Another good alternative to head lice treatment shampoo is to simply shave your child’s head as close to the scalp as possible!

and then remove any lice or eggs you see still sticking to the hair stubs or scalp. They will be easy to spot this way and you can normally get rid of them in one fell swoop. However, you must never shave the head of a child who is against it, because doing so can cause great emotional trauma if the child wants to keep his or her hair. Only use this technique with children who think the idea of a shaved head is cool.

There are other ways to avoid lice treatment shampoo. You can find ready-made natural remedies at the health food store, and you can also use olive oil or mayonnaise masks on your child’s hair to get rid of lice. Whatever you choose, just know that you are not bound to have to use toxic chemicals on your child to make the lice go away.

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