How to Find a Head Lice Treatment That Your Child Won't Fight You On

Head lice is a common problem among elementary school students.

In fact, the vast majority of students of this age will get head lice at some point during their elementary years. Usually, when one child gets it, the entire class does. This is becauselice are highly contagious as they crawl from one head to another. You will eventually have to discover a lice treatment, and you’ll need to find one your child will accept and not fight you on, as it is essential to get rid of the lice completely so they don’t come back and infest the rest of the household.

For very young boys who have always had short hair, the best and easiest lice treatment is probably simply shaving the head.

Many young boys won’t mind having a shaved head at all, and may even thing it’s cool. Once the hair is no longer there, there is no place for the lice to latch onto, and any remaining lice or eggs can be easily seen and removed. You won’t want to try this on a girl, though, or on a boy who is used to having longer hair.

You can also get a prescription shampoo as your lice treatment.

These shampoos are readily available from your pediatrician and work very well to get rid of lice in just a few treatments. You often have to leave the shampoo on your child’s head overnight, so be sure to keep a plastic shower cap handy. They are highly effective, but many parents don’t like them because they contain pesticides, and they don’t wish to put pesticides on their child’s head. Fortunately, there are also natural options for getting rid of lice.

Metal toothed combing is the natural, manual lice treatment.

You simply take a metal toothed comb (the metal teeth separate hairs better than plastic), and go through your child’s hair, inch by inch, working your way from the root to the tip, and pluck out every lice or egg you see, depositing them in a plastic bag you can seal, and then throwing the bag away outside. You’ll do this over the course of several weeks to make sure all the eggs are gone. It takes time, but it is highly effective as a way of removing lice without chemicals.

Finally, you can use mayonnaise as a lice treatment.

Some children actually think it’s funny or cool to have mayonnaise slathered onto their hair. It is a chance for them to play with their food without getting in trouble. Just leave the mayonnaise on overnight and comb out the lice in the morning. Do this every few days for a few weeks, and you’ll soon see a complete disappearance of the lice and a return to normal for you and your child.

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