Best Home Remedy Head Lice Treatment

A Good, Effective Home Remedy Lice Treatment

You can find a good home remedy lice treatment without resorting to harsh, chemical laden shampoos. This is important to parents who are concerned about chemicals and are reluctant to put pesticides on their child’s head, and also don’t want to traumatize the child by shaving his or her head (which is especially traumatic for girls).

You can go through the child’s head daily for a period of two weeks, using a metal comb each time, to search for lice and their eggs, and remove them from the head as you find them. The two week period is necessary because that’s how long it takes lice eggs to gestate. However, simply pulling the lice off of your child’s head is not enough.

You have to be sure to dispose of the lice properly.

When you’re doing manual head lice removal through the use of a home remedy lice treatment, remember that lice eggs can live for up to 24 hours off of the constant blood supply of their host (your child).  Proper disposal is essential to avoiding a re-infestation, since re-infestation would mean starting the treatment all over again from the beginning.

So, what is the best way to get rid of lice and eggs when doing manual head lice removal?

You should pick the lice and eggs off of your child’s head using paper towels, and then immediately put those paper towels into a sealed zip-lock plastic bag and throw them away. Then, vacuum the floor around where you did the lice plucking to make sure no lice or eggs ended up in the carpet. Your child could easily pick them up again just by walking by an area where they are hiding in the carpet.

Once you’re done combing (and be sure to always use a metal comb, as these allow you to part the hair better to see deep inside between the strands), clean and disinfect the comb. Don’t do this in between searches during one session. Wait until the session is over, and then clean the comb.

Do it by soaking the comb in hot water mixed with a small amount of bleach, as both the hot water and the bleach will kill any lice or eggs that got stuck to the comb. Just let the comb soak in the solution for a good 15 minutes or so, then dry it off with a paper towel and check it one more time to make sure no lice or eggs are sticking to any of the comb’s teeth.

This cleaning should be done after every single head lice removal session.

…and you must make sure no lice or eggs are hiding between the teeth after cleaning, or you could inadvertently re-introduce them to your child’s head. If you make sure to keep the comb clean and do lice removal every day, your child should be lice free within a few weeks, and it’s not likely that the lice will come back.

This is the cleanest, simplest home remedy lice treatment out there.

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