Head Lice Treatments That Work with No Fuss

Head lice treatments are something that every parent will eventually have to confront.

That is because head lice is an extremely contagious condition that is particularly common among elementary school aged children. Chances are more likely than not that your child will develop head lice at some point during his or her elementary school career and have to get head lice treatment of some sort.

The type of treatment you choose will be based on your own personal preferences and those of your child. Some parents want totally natural treatments, while others want the chemical shampoo. Here are some of your options.

*Coal Tar Shampoo

This is a common shampoo recommended and often prescribed among pediatricians as one of the premier head lice treatments. Head lice hate coal tar, which is a byproduct of the coal processing procedure.

It literally smothers them and destroys their eggs. A few shampoos with this stuff, left on overnight, will surely kill even the hardiest of lice. The only drawback is that the shampoo smells awful and some kids just won’t accept it due to that. If your child is adverse to the smell, you may have to choose another treatment option to maintain peace in the house.

*Pesticide Lice Shampoo–

Among head lice treatments, this is the one that is the most well known and common. It is a prescription shampoo that contains pesticides that are meant to kill the lice quickly, as well as their eggs.

You can get this shampoo from nearly any drug store with a prescription, and it works well. You will have to use it two to three times over the course of a few weeks to get all the lice and eggs, but otherwise, it is a no-fuss method of lice removal.

*Olive Oil–

Some parents just don’t like chemical head lice treatments, so they opt for less harsh ones, such as olive oil. Natural treatments are very popular these days, and parents who use them often feel that they are doing something beneficial for their child by keeping them away from the chemicals.

This may be true, but remember, it is still going to take several treatments with olive oil to get rid of all of the lice, and that olive oil is messy. Be sure to keep lots of towels and wash cloths nearby for wiping up drips while the oil is in your child’s hair.

Other natural head lice treatments that are popular include mayonnaise and tea tree oil.

No matter what treatment you use, however, you will always have to follow up a washing with a thorough combing of the hair to pick out lice and eggs manually and throw them away. It is preferable to seal the lice and eggs up in a plastic bag and get them out of the house to avoid re-infestation. Do this over several weeks, and the lice will be gone, and never to come back!

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