Best Hair and Head Lice Treatment

Hair Lice Treatment–A Safe, Painless, Manual Method That Works

So, your child has head lice. What do you do? This is a common childhood ailment, yes, but it’s also itchy and uncomfortable, and let’s face it, your child will not be allowed back to school as long as the lice are present. There are several medical shampoos that will bring about lice removal, but they are full of pesticides. Do you really want these chemicals on your child’s head? Likely not. So,

what is a safe, natural hair lice treatment?

First of all

whatever you do, with any hair lice treatment you have to remove ALL live and all of their eggs and larvae from your child’s hair, otherwise they’ll just keep reproducing. Because you have to get rid of them all, the process of removal could take a couple of weeks.

That’s because two weeks is the gestation period of the eggs, so once you’ve gotten rid of the adults, you have to wait around for the eggs to hatch and then get rid of the babies immediately.

If you leave even one single lice present, your child can become infested all over again! That means you have to start the treatment process from the beginning.

You can get a metal lice removal comb to search through your child’s hair daily

…to remove the lice manually. Even if you’re using a special shampoo, you still want to do this to make the treatment work better. A metal comb will allow you to see deep into the hair and onto the scalp, so you can remove any lice you see with greater ease.

Plastic combs don’t work well for this, because they break easily and don’t part thick hair very well. This is why a metal comb is ab absolute necessity when treating head lice manually. It is the only method of manual lice removal that will actually work.

You can purchase a metal comb in most drug stores, or order them online.  Just remember, they can cost $10 or more, but they are sturdy, easily cleaned, and will last for a long time. Therefore, they’re a worthy investment, especially when it comes to removing the lice from your child’s head.

What is also important to remember is to treat the infestation as soon as you’re aware of it.

The longer you wait, even a few days, the more lice can hatch and the greater the infestation will become. If it gets too severe, you might not be able to do manual lice removal, and will have to shave your child’s head. This will be traumatic for your child, and is best avoided if at all possible.

The good news is that if you are successful at getting all of the lice out of your child’s hair, then a re-infestation is not likely, at least not unless he or she is re-exposed to another child with lice. You can accomplish natural hair lice treatment on your own without chemicals, but be prepared to put a lot of work into it. It will be worth it, though, when your child is nice and lice free.

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