What is the Best Treatment for Head Lice

Does your child have a head full of lice and are you scratching your own head wondering what to do about it?

If so, then you’re definitely not alone. The world is full of children who have head lice. It is one of the most common contagious ailments affecting elementary school aged children in the western world.

Lice don’t jump like fleas, but they do crawl very effectively and have strong legs.

You’ll find that it is very easy for children to spread lice from one head to another just by being near each other. So, what is the best treatment for head lice?

There are two main ways to go with a treatment for head lice. You can either go chemical or natural. The choice you make depends upon your own personal preferences and beliefs, as well as the preferences of your child. Some parents would love to use a chemical shampoo on their child to get rid of the lice quickly and easily. However, these shampoos smell bad and some children just can’t take it. They will have a fit if you try to put that stuff on them. If that is the case, then you need to look at other options for your child.

A natural treatment for head lice will work just as well as a chemical one in most cases

Plus it won’t smell toxic like the pesticide shampoos do. The process of treating the lice will still be much the same, however. With chemical shampoos, you often have to leave it on your child’s head overnight to get the best results, and you have to shampoo several times over multiple weeks. The same is true of natural treatments. Still, if chemicals are a concern to you or your child, you might want to try a natural method.

Natural methods to treat head lice include slathering the hair up with things like olive oil, mayonnaise, or tea tree oil. One thing that must be done no mater what treatment for head lice you use is combing. Combing allows you to look deeply into your child’s hair and see the lice their, so you can pick them out. You can’t just leave them there and hope they will get rinsed out with the shower water. Most lice are far too strong to be washed away like that.

Yo must comb carefully through the hair several times a week for up to two weeks, picking out both lice and eggs as you go.

Eggs take about two weeks to hatch, so you have to keep pulling lice and eggs out until you’re sure there’s nothing left to hatch. You can even use combing alone as a treatment for head lice, though it is time consuming. So, there is really no one treatment that is best. It is all a matter of what you personally prefer.

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