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  • About The Product:

“Lice-nse to Kill Naturally” is the answer to the prayers of anyone suffering from lice. It teaches a simple trick by using 2 store bought ingredients to kill both the lice & lice eggs dead…without using harmful poisons or chemicals.  Lice are resistant these days to the toxins in normal lice shampoos lice Rid &  Nix. They are NOT immune to natural treatments.

We provide each buyer with 3 books instantly after they purchase. They get an exciting & fun to read full color 60 page lice killing guide (with photos), along with a text only version if they prefer to print it out.  BONUS: As a special bonus, they will also receive a lice coloring book  meant for hours of fun for kids. This is not available anywhere else online. I created it myself. It contains popular cartoon characters kids will love.  Because having lice isn’t all bad! : ) This makes kids feel more normal and happy during the process of lice removal.  However, our guide works for both kids & adults alike.

  • Conversions:

We currently get a 4 to 6% conversion rate with an extremely low 0.001% refund rate. We are highly proud of our almost non-existent refund rate! This is from search engine traffic.  Our buyers are happy because our product works. Our customer support is absolutely top notch also. We generally return all customer email questions in 6 to 14 hours.

  • O.K. How Much Do I Get:

Each time you sell our product, you get a 69% commission of the product price. This will be automatically deposited into your CLICKBANK ccount.

  • Target Market:

Our target market is parents or anyone suffering from head lice.

  • How Do I Begin:

We use CLICKBANK for our affiliate program.  Just sign up 100% free of charge with clickbank at Click on BECOME AN AFFILIATE.


After you register, you can become our affiliate by going here:


You will get a special link from CLICKBANK that you can use to promote our product. Place that link in any image, banner, directly in emails, on your site or any place else you want. When a person clicks the link and buys our ebook, you get a 69% commission per sale.

  • 6 Part Auto-Responder Email Series

We even have a perfect 6 part email series to send to your lists all about lice. It couldn’t get much easier. Simply copy & paste each day of the series into your auto responder program such as Aweber, and you’re good to go! You can leave my name at the end of the emails (as a guest poster), or you can use your name there instead (since it is your personal list). Whatever you prefer and works best for you.


Email #1:

Subject: Does your child have headlice?

It’s the question that no parent wants to answer?

Does your child have head lice?

It’s scary.  It’s stressful.  It’s downright humiliating.  I know the stigma.  When my daughter had head lice.  I was almost too ashamed to leave the house.

I was frantic to find an answer;  with discovering a cure.

So, before you put yourself through this walking nightmare (By the way, it doesn’t have to be this way – I can show you how to destroy headlice in 3 hours flat) – be sure that your child actually has headlice.

Many times a simple rash, irritations or allergen? could be the cause of your child’s constant scratching.  So please, do not leap to a conclusion.

Go here: and get my new book that outlines the sure signs of head lice. If it turns out that your child does have lice then the book, Lice-nse To Kill Naturally, will show you how to kill the lice and destroy every nit egg.

Here’s that link again –

Talk to you soon

Sheila Newth


Email #2:

Subject: Stop; Don’t Put That in Your Child’s Hair

  • Toxic Chemicals that you should not use to treat head lice. You’ll be shocked to see these chemicals in popular over-the-counter treatments!

I understand what you are going through.

You may have just discovered that your child has a headlice infestation and you want these parasites gone – now.

Like you, I frantically raced to the drugstore and cleared the shelves of every headlice treatment that I could get my hands on.

That night, I dumped everything into my child’s hair.

Even though I dumped every toxic chemical that the drug manufacturers could think of into my daughter’s hair, the nits (headlice eggs) still would not come out.  It was as if they were “super glued” to every strand of hair.  It was a nightmare.

Here’s the kicker – within a day, the headlice was back.

Why didn’t the toxic shampoo work?

I’ll tell you why here –

All the Best,

Sheila Newth

P.S. Hang in there, a guaranteed 3 hour treatment is just a click away


Email #3:

Subject: Headlice: Why Most Treatments Don’t Work

  • The Real Reason Why Lice Won’t Die: The secret the head lice treatment industry hopes you’ll never find out.

I’m speaking in my inside voice now.

So, come real close.

Headlice have a secret. They know it and so do the headlice treatment companies.

I call it the mosquito conspiracy.

Let me explain myself. Years ago, the good people who sell the OFF mosquito repellent figured something out. They discovered that mosquitoes had developed immunity to the repellent they were mixing into OFF spray. Mosquitoes weren’t being repelled.  They were getting a free lunch – literally.

The same thing has occurred with headlice.

After years of repeated dousing in every toxin imaginable, head lice have developed immunity and defenses.  The actual lice take longer to kill and their eggs are as tough as titanium coated diamonds with a Teflon paint job.

The bad news is the stuff at the store won’t work.  As a matter of fact, the more other parents use it, the more likely that the headlice infecting your child’s hair have already developed a defense.

It’s a vicious cycle that drove me nuts until I stumbled upon a cure that rid my daughters of head lice within 3 hours. The eggs literally dissolved or fell out of her hair!

You can read more about it here –

Sheila Newth

P.S. The treatment I will tell you about shortly is completely natural and non-toxic. Go ahead and learn more here.




Email #4:

Subject: 2 Simple Ingredients = 3 Hour Cure

I wonder if drug store company employees are trained to spot mother’s like me a mile way.  I affectionately call us the “headlice maniacs”.

We rush into the store in our sweats with our hair disheveled and our eyes darting back and forth, scanning the brightly colored aisle cards. We race down aisles then slink back to the checkout.  We always have our money out because we want to get our treatments into a bag and out of sight as soon as imaginably possible.

Am I right?

But, what if I told you that you don’t need to go through this?

What if I told you that two grocery store ingredients that cost less than $5 could eradicate the headlice and their eggs within 3 hours?

These ingredients are not toxic.

You probably already have them in your cupboards.

In fact, you can purchase them without broadcasting to the world that your child has headlice!

Let me tell you more about them here:

Talk to you Soon

Sheila Newth



Email #5:

Subject: The Headlice Cure

I know that you’ve probably read dozens of websites that claim to have found the cure for Headlice.

So, I thought you should hear from other parents that have used Lice-nse To Kill Naturally to rid their children and home from headlice –

Here we go…

Your Guide Saved Us!
“Oh My Goodness, I am so unbelievably relieved that this horrible nightmare if finally behind us. I have been battling lice in our family for over 4 months. I am so ashamed to actually admit that online for all to see but it is the truth.

I have been trying and trying and trying, but I just could not kill them. I was combing their hair with this metal lice comb for hours every day, but they just wouldn’t go away. I would wash all our laundry on a nightly basis too! With 3 children, that is a lot of laundry to do, but I didn’t know what else to do. It didn’t solve the problem though, but thank goodness I found you. Your guide saved us. You are amazing. Thanks Sheila for your help, and you are always so quick to reply to emails too. Thank you for your wonderful customer support. I will recommend your site to anyone with a lice problem!” –  Michelle Braden, Detroit, Michigan

I wish everything I bought was this great.
Sheila, I just wanted to let you know that I had been trying to kill these rampant lice that my kids had but nothing killed them until now. We tried everything you can think of. The doctor’s visits were so expensive and still no luck. Maybe I should ask for my money back from them. But I got your guide and it worked just exactly as you said.

I am just glad to see there are people out there that care and have great quality products to share with others. I wish everything I bought was this great. ”Patricia Braxton – Spring Valley, Nevada

A Big Thanks for Writing your Guide on Killing Lice.
“Hey Sheila, just wanted to drop you a note and say a big thanks for writing your guide on killing lice. Both of my sons got it too, and lucky for me, I found your site before wasting hundreds on products that don’t work. I found out later on that my friend’s kids also got lice about the same time, but they wasted about $100 each on products and still did not get rid of the lice. I told them about your great step by step guide, so they will be checking you out too.

Never stop helping people, because it really does make a big difference in many people’s lives. Thanks again!”  Jackie Michaels, Florence, South Carolina

Want to learn about the 3 Hour Cure?

Check it out here –

All the Best

Sheila Newth



Email #6:

Subject: Is Your Home A Lice Free Zone?

Right now – one of two things have happened.

You’ve purchased your copy of Lice-nse To Kill Naturally and stopped your child’s head lice infestation in its tracks.  Your child has probably already forgotten about the whole experience.


You’re still battling the headlice. Your child is still scratching at the lice and nits. He/She is still prohibited from going to school and you’re working overtime dousing your child’s hair with chemicals and toxins to try and kill the lice.

If you are in the second boat then I want to ask you a question –

Why are you doing this to yourself?

You don’t have to.  As a matter of fact, your child can be lice free within the next 3 hours!

The ingredients you need for the treatment can be found at the local grocery store.

All of the ingredients are non-toxic and –

The treatment is guaranteed to kill the lice and detach their eggs.

You could be done with this nightmare tonight.

All it takes is for you to take action – click this link

Order your copy of the ebook that lays out the complete treatment.  I’ve even lowered the price so that you can get the ebook without worrying about your budget.

The best part is that the book is in ebook (or downloadable) format so that you can download and begin reading about the cure in 4 minutes.

Go ahead; give Lice-nse To Kill Naturally a try.

I guarantee that you will be amazed by the results.

All the best,

Sheila Newth


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