Best Mayonnaise Head Lice Treatment

The Amazing Mayonnaise Lice Treatment

If your child has head lice, the natural thing to want to do in these modern times when concern about chemicals is so high is to turn to a natural treatment. There are several remedies right from Mother Nature that work very well for this necessity.

You don’t have to resort to […]

Best Home Remedy Head Lice Treatment

A Good, Effective Home Remedy Lice Treatment

You can find a good home remedy lice treatment without resorting to harsh, chemical laden shampoos. This is important to parents who are concerned about chemicals and are reluctant to put pesticides on their child’s head, and also don’t want to traumatize the child by shaving his or her […]

Top Hair and Head Lice Treatment

Hair Lice Treatment–A Safe, Painless, Manual Method That Works

So, your child has head lice. What do you do? This is a common childhood ailment, yes, but it’s also itchy and uncomfortable, and let’s face it, your child will not be allowed back to school as long as the lice are present. There are several medical […]