Truly Cool Head Lice Treatment

Head Lice Treatment: Lots of Crazy Ones Out There!

Many crazy  treatments are out there. Choose one that is proven to be safe and effective and uses ingredients found in your grocery and drug stores. It’s amazing to me how many people will sit down and tell you exactly how to get rid of head lice! […]

Top and Best Head Lice Treatments

Many lice treatments are available when you’re trying to kill lice. But only one of them is completely effective.

Let me tell you how to do it using products you find in your grocery and drug stores!

Killing the lice the goal of every parent who finds herself in the position of having a child with an […]

Perfect Olive Oil Head Lice Treatment

Does Olive Oil lice treatment really work? Hmmm…

Getting rid of lice can be a frustrating process. But if you know how to do it, you can get rid of lice once and for all.

Trying to get rid of head lice is a frustrating, time-consuming process. Hair must be shampooed with pesticides, clothes and bedding must be […]

Pubic Lice Treatment

Ahhh yes, pubic lice treatment. Yuck.

Pubic lice, commonly known as crabs, are highly contagious parasites most often spread through sexual contact.

Pubic lice are a type of body lice. These lice are wingless insects that are parasitic to humans. They attach themselves to human hosts and feed on human blood. Pubic lice are also called “crabs” […]

Head Lice treatment

Time for a head lice treatment, and fast! Why?

Schools have a “no nits” policy that can make it difficult for your child to return to school. Finding an effective treatment for lice and nits is important for returning your family life to normal.

“No Nits” is the policy that many schools have adopted when dealing with […]

Why Trust a Natural Head Lice Treatment

Let me guess, you need a natural lice treatment, right?

Lice treatment, in order to be effective, needs a three-step approach. First, you need to treat the child with the lice infestation. Secondly, you need to treat the entire family. Third, you need to treat the household.

Step 1) Treat The Child

If your child is […]

Best Treatment For Head Lice

When it comes to head lice treatment, who would have thought that it would start off with a louse!

But, rest assured a cure is possible, and available.

One louse is all it takes to begin an infestation on your child’s head that will frustrate you for days and possibly weeks on end. This one louse will […]

My Perfect Treatment For Head Lice

Looking for a treatment for lice, right?

Head lice can happen to your children when you least expect it. But it’s possible to get rid of them, read on to find out more.

Head lice was not something I had really thought much about. I had this idea that lice were something that happened to […]

What is the Best Treatment for Head Lice

Does your child have a head full of lice and are you scratching your own head wondering what to do about it?

If so, then you’re definitely not alone. The world is full of children who have head lice. It is one of the most common contagious ailments affecting elementary school aged children in the western […]