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“I just spent $4.98 at the grocery store and my daughter’s headlice & lice eggs magically began to die & tumble out of her hair easily in just minutes without weeks of nitpicking and combing, or washing everything we own 100 times – plus, they never ever came back” Ill teach you exactly how I did it

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I remember the day my daughter came home scratching her scalp and pulling at her hair.

At first, I thought nothing of it.

But she didn’t stop scratching all evening. She was also an agitated mess. Although she wasn’t sick, hungry or tired, I could tell that something was “off”.

That night when she finally got to sleep, I noticed that her scalp was red-raw with irritation.

I turned on her night lamp, parted her hair and looked closer at her scalp. Imagine my horror when I saw small white headlice infecting large patches of her scalp.

Horrified, I woke her and rushed her into the bathroom. I spent the next hour washing and rewashing her hair. I then stripped her bed sheets, emptied her drawers and washed every shred of clothing the poor girl had ever worn.

I was sick with concern and embarrassment.

After getting my daughter back to bed, I searched for an open drug store and bought every single head lice treatment that I could find. I didn’t care how much it cost. I was driven to stop this thing in its tracks.

The next day, I hovered over my daughter looking for signs of irritation and for 24 hours it looked like I had succeeded. Then the next day, the nightmare returned. My daughter was scratching and agitated. I was frantic and embarrassed. I did the whole expensive process all over again.

But this time, I went to the doctor and asked for a prescription treatment (all the while worried sick that the school would banish my daughter from school forever).

But after a week of the doctor’s treatment, the head lice still tormented my daughter and mocked me.

A day later the other shoe dropped. I received a phone call from the school asking me to come and “remove my daughter” from the school immediately. I will never forget the shame I felt as I walked my daughter out of the nurses office.

The worst part was that I didn’t have a clue of what to do to remove the head lice and eggs.

I’m sure you’ve felt the same way I felt. Utterly helpless.

I decided to double my efforts –

  1. I spent 3 hours each night combing her hair until she cried with frustration. The eggs were stuck like superglue to every strand of hair refusing to budge
  2. I washed her bed sheets every single night.
  3. I replaced her wardrobe fearing that the eggs were lurking in her clothing
  4. I doused her hair and scalp with at least 6 over the counter treatments (PLUS Rid & Nix)
  5. I emptied my bank account buying books, experimenting with special head lice combs, visiting the doctor every week

But nothing worked.

Mayonnaise, Coconut Oil,

Pepper, Oh My!

Get it for $2.64! (PROMO!)

I had the thought that maybe I was going about this the wrong way.

Obviously my daughter’s headlice were “immune” to the treatments.

After a bit of research I learned that

Headlice have evolved defenses to the toxic pesticides in most popular nit treatment products!

That’s right! I was bathing my daughter’s scalp in toxic pesticides that had ZERO effect on the lice.

So I tried a different strategy. All-natural organic treatments that would overwhelm and kill the lice.

I lathered my daughter’s hair up with olive oil, pepper, hair coloring, tea tree oil, coconut oil, even mayonnaise!

I would get excited to see several dead lice on her pillow case in the morning but the headlice always returned.


Then one day, I came across a small online forum entry that spoke about a pretty obscure product. The mother who referenced the product sounded just like you and me. And she couldn’t stop gushing about how amazing this headlice treatment was.

So, I contacted her and got the name and instructions for how to effectively and safely administer the treatment.

The results were…Beyond amazing.

In fact, I am not a religious person, but I am comfortable saying that I saw a miracle happen right in front of me.

Within 24 hours of starting the treatment, the lice was gone.

Every egg seemed to magically detach and tumble out of my daughter’s hair with the lightest stroke of the comb.

Within 48 hours, my daughter was cleared to rejoin her classmates at school.

And within 72 hours, I had a new obsession.

Showing other parents how to avoid the headlice nightmare.

I’m not the business type but I couldn’t resist helping other mothers and fathers with what I’d learned.

I listed out the exact method, ingredients, technique, and tips that I used to free my daughter of headlice – and put it into an easy-to-follow ebook called


Get it for $2.64! (PROMO!)

The Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 Hour Treatment Guide

But before I decided to offer this guide I made sure that:

The treatment worked for other parents. Well, let me show you the results –

Your Guide Saved Us!
“Oh My Goodness, I am so unbelievably relieved that this horrible nightmare if finally behind us. I have been battling lice in our family for over 4 months I am so ashamed to actually admit that online for all to see, but it is the truth.

I have been trying and trying and trying, but I just could not kill them. I was combing their hair with this metal lice comb for hours every day, but they just wouldn’t go away. I would wash all our laundry on a nightly basis too! With 3 children, that is a lot of laundry to do, but I didn’t know what else to do. It didn’t solve the problem though, but thank goodness I found you. Your guide saved us. You are amazing. Thanks Sheila for your help, and you are always so quick to reply to emails too. Thank you for your wonderful customer support. I will recommend your site to anyone with a lice problem!” – Michelle Braden, Detroit, Michigan

A Big Thanks for Writing your Guide on Killing Lice.
“Hey Sheila, just wanted to drop you a note and say a big thanks for writing your guide on killing Lice. Both of my sons got it too, and lucky for me, I
found your site before wasting hundreds on products that don’t work. I found out later on that my friend’s kids also got lice about the same time, but they wasted about $100 each on products and still did not get rid of the lice. I told them about your great step by step guide, so they will be checking you out too.

Never stop helping people, because it really does make a big difference in many peoples lives. Thanks again!” Jackie Michaels, Florence, South Carolina

I wish everything I bought was this great.
Sheila, I just wanted to let you know that I had been trying to kill this rampant lice that my kids had but nothing kill them until now. We tried everything you can think of. The doctor’s visits were so expensive and still no luck. Maybe I should ask for my money back from them. But I got your guide and it worked just exactly as you said.

I am just glad to see there are people out there that care and have great quality products to share with others. I wish everything I bought was this great. ” Patricia Braxton – Spring Valley, Nevada

Read More Stories Here

The Treatment was cheap and easy.

You’ll be happy to know that all of the ingredients that you need for the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally treatment can be purchased at your local drug store or grocery store.

I’ll show you how to combine and apply the ingredients. You will not need any fancy equipment or expensive supplies. Just mix, apply, and rinse.

The Treatment was quick.

I understand that your son or daughter is probably missing school while you are treating their headlice. I know the stress that this can cause. That’s why the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally lice treatment works within 24 hours, so you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible.


How Does Lice-nse To Kill Naturally Work?

It’s Powerful like the roar of a well-tuned Porsche Sports Car! The Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 Hour Treatment System works be delivering a 1 – 2 punch to quickly clear up the headlice infestation while making sure that the lice do not return.

  • Punch #1

uses common and inexpensive (less than $5) grocery store products to kill existing headlice on contact.

Once the live lice are gone …

  • Punch #2

uses another drug store ingredient to target lice eggs, dissolve their bond to

your child’s hair. Now you will be able to easily comb the nits out of your child’s hair easily without pain or tears.

I will show you how to mix your treatment plus:

  • Quick Headlice Diagnosis: Not sure if your child is infected by headlice? Get the can’t miss symptoms here
  • Toxic Chemicals that you should not use to treat headlice. You’ll be shocked to see these chemicals in popular over-the-counter treatments!
  • The Real Reason Why Lice Won’t Die: The secret the headlice treatment industry hopes you’ll never find out.
  • Your Lice Free Grocery List: You can buy the ingredients for the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 Hour Treatment at your local grocery store. I will tell you exactly which ingredients to buy and why they work
  • The Lice Free Recipe: Once you get your ingredients home, I’ll show you the correct order and amounts you’ll need to achieve perfect results every time.
  • How to Turn Your Home into a Lice Free Zone. These simple tricks will insure that you will never have to worry about a lice infestation again

You might think that the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 hour system would cost a fortune. Considering that most parents waste $100’s of dollars (per child) on treatments that don’t work, a $97 treatment system would be a bargain!

The good news is that you won’t spend anywhere close to that. In fact, I am going to put the complete Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 hour Treatment System in your hands for fraction of that –

But before you order, I want to tell you about the 2 Bonus Gifts I will include with the treatment system:

Bonus #1:

Lice Free Laundry Cheat Sheet

Who has 3 hours EVERY night to wash absolutely everything you own? I know I don’t. The good news is I found a SUPER EASY trick that kills all the lice around your home without all the work over and over again!

So no more load after load of laundry for weeks (or months)! I was super excited when I found out about this trick.

Value $9.95 – Yours Free

Bonus #2:

All New – Lice Extinction Plan

What’s the use of winning the battle against headlice if you have to fight it all over again? With my recently added Lice Extinction Plan “technique” you will never have to worry about another lice outbreak again.

The technique is simple and performing it once a week will do the trick It only takes a few seconds and gives you peace of mind forever. This is like having a permanent insurance policy against headlice.

Value: $19.99 – Yours FREE


The Lice-nse To Kill Naturally Lice Coloring Book: Help your kids understand that headlice is a simple problem that can be treated quickly and easily. This fun coloring book will show your children that lice isn’t the “boogeyman” and they have nothing to fear. This is a great way to take the stress out of treating your child’s headlice.

1 page example of cartoons inside: here!

Value: $10.95 Yours FREE

That’s over $40 in bonus gifts for just trying out the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 Hour Treatment System.

Will This Cost Me a Fortune?


In fact I will give you access to the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally 24 Hour Treatment System for just one-payment of $2.64! (special discount promo!)

At this price – cost isn’t an issue.

I’m sure you can see that spending $2.64 to end your headlice nightmare today rather than spending $100’s on so-called cures is a no-brainer.

But I will offer you one more reason to order the 24 Hour Treatment System.

Laughter and Tears of Joy Guarantee


Try the System, Cure Your Child’s Headlice Tonight, Or Your Money-Back, That’s Right!

If you aren’t 1000% happy & head lice free with no nits in just a few short hours, and don’t feel this is the solution you have been PRAYING for, then I won’t take your money!

Feel free to return it within 60 days and you’ll receive a full refund. I can offer this guarantee because I have personal experience and a filing cabinet full of success stories from customers who will “swear” that this treatment works.

Just click the buy button below to get instant access to the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally Treatment Today

Sheila, I want to start the Lice-nse To Kill Naturally! 24 Hour Treatment right now. I understand that my purchase is protected by your 100% Satisfaction/100% Money Back Guarantee.

Please send me instruction on how to download the treatment guide and free bonuses immediately and Thank you for securing my purchase and keeping my information in strict confidence

Order Lice-nse To Kill Naturally! 24 Hour Treatment Guide

Only $2.64!


EXTRA DISCOUNT HERE! Enter Discount Code “19.9%OFF” & GET 19.9% OFF $$$ PRONTO:  


If only I had someone to tell me this AMAZING trick to ridding my family of this problem when we 1st got it.

After all the intense itching and scratching, trial and error, horrible evenings of combing & cleaning, and incredible embarrassment, I am SO HAPPY there is finally an answer to this problem for the world.

I know that if this issue were to ever come into our lives again, I have the only answer I would ever need.

Aren’t you ready to free yourself from the embarrassment, shame, annoyance, and pain of the constant bites and itching from head lice?

It’s a decision only YOU can make….so make the right one for you & your family!

You won’t be sorry.

Here’s to your lice free days!

Sheila Newth

P.S. It’s time you finally got the relief you deserve!

Imagine how good it will feel to go to sleep tonight knowing you will wake up with a clean head of bug-free hair with no nits tomorrow morning (that will never get infected again).

Exciting isn’t it?! So what are you waiting for?


Lice! Oh, H$%L No! We’ve all been there, haven’t we. No. It doesn’t just happen to that dirty, smelly kid that lives down the block. It happens to YOUR precious bundle of joy, your squeaky-clean angel! Once the shock & horror (and utter embarrassment) wears off (a tad bit), you hop in your car, truck, SUV, bike, motorcycle, unicycle (or hey, even go online, since you are sooo hip & down with that). There are just about a gazillion choices out there, each promising the lice will be gone in mere moments! You probably tried them all too, before finding me. But don’t worry. We aren’t just another thing that won’t work. We do work! Try it & then you can be just another of our happy testimonials.

We love ’em too! Keep ’em comin’. O.K. So try it today. You won’t be sorry. Lice, you have met your match. Get ready to meet your maker. The party’s over. The rooster’s come home to roost (not sure about that last one, what does that even mean, seriously!). But you get the picture. The lice go-nighty night & bye-bye for good. Night Lice, hope you had fun & ate well while the eatin’ was good!. More about me here: Sheila Newth is a working mother and author of Lice-nse to Kill Naturally, a lively, light-hearted guide for parents and anyone tormented by these bugs. It reveals a winning plan with the details you need to know to permanently kill them and their eggs while avoiding re-infestation and poisonous shampoos or costly prescription treatments. The entire guide is downloadable instantly online and may be purchased here. Be lice free by tonight! Or your money back…Yup, you have nothing to lose but the lice. P.S. If you are wondering why all the funny photos? Well, I figure you are probably tearing your hair out worrying about lice, so you probably wouldn’t mind laughing a bit. Was I wrong? Aren’t they great? Hope you enjoy! Tweet us, send to your facebook fans or email to others. It’s O.K. we won’t mind (or press the “share me” photo at the bottom of this page). “Die Devil Bugs!”



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